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Muscovado Silver Spirit

It’s not rum, but it’s pretty close. Rather than being made of molasses or sugar cane juice – as rum legally must be – our Muscovado Silver Spirit is distilled from, unsurprisingly, muscovado sugar. It’s a lightly refined sugar that’s packed full of molasses character and makes for a tasty spirit, even though it’s not quite rum.

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Tasting Notes

If you were expecting a lightly flavoured spirit that’s a bit like a regular white rum, then you’re in for a shock. Instead, Muscovado Silver Spirit brings together the grassy notes of sugarcane-juice rum with the toffee and caramel of the finest molasses rums. Rich, rounded and complex – a great place to start exploring interesting sugar-cane spirits.


Caramel with a touch of singed sugar at first. Then fresh, green and peppery grassiness bursts out of the glass, balanced by rich butterscotch. Fruity notes develop – green apples, roasted peaches and fresh apricots, all drizzled with salted caramel sauce.


Crunchy barley sugar leads to piles of fruit – crunchy apples and pears, pineapple, peach and banana. Green grass and cinnamon provide a spicy backdrop to the fruit, with oily engines and dark caramel notes hiding underneath.


Orchard fruit and engine oil to start, with the oiliness fading to leave sweet and sour fruit peel.

Perfect Serve: Classic


50ml Muscovado Silver Spirit

25ml Sugar Syrup

25ml fresh lime juice


Add ice all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake and then strain.


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Tomáš Čistÿ – Wrecking Coast Brand Ambassador

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The Story

A brief introduction to The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Inside the shed

Avian Sandercock

Minder of the stills, conductor of experiments, flavour obsessive and chief geek. If you have drunk anything made by Wrecking Coast, you have Avian to thank for pressing the buttons, pulling the levers, shovelling ingredients, and probably for putting it in the bottle.

Outside the shed

Craig Penn

Head salesman, arbiter of design, one-man online team and chief taste-tester. If you have held a bottle from Wrecking Coast in your hands, then you have Craig to thank for both how it looks and for extracting it from the Cornish countryside and getting it to you.

In the beginning...

Buddies Avian and Craig have dabbled in drinks for years, although from the drinking side of the bar. Having lost his taste for beer, Craig turned to spirits.

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