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Muscovado Silver Spirit

Made in Cornwall

In our distillery, we mix the raw Muscovado sugar with Cornish spring water and carefully monitor the pH levels of the resulting syrup to ensure ideal conditions for our specialist rum yeast to thrive. The syrup is mixed thoroughly and warmed to a precise temperature before the yeast is added together with a carefully selected nutrient source to keep the yeast in top condition.

Fermentation takes around 5 days and produces a sour ‘beer’, we aim for this to be at 8%, where all the available sugars have been turned to alcohol.

Once fermentation is completed, using our hi-tech stills, we perform a single distillation which is a hybrid pot/column distillation and brings across a spirit at around 70% abv which works perfectly for our silver spirit.

Once distilled, the spirit is transferred to a large stainless steel resting tank and proofing water is gradually added over a period of several months after which the spirit is allowed to mature over 9 months.

At this stage, after much sampling, we are ready to bottle so the spirit is proofed down to the required 57% abv or ‘overproof’.

It is then filtered, bottled, labelled and sealed in our distillery in North Cornwall.

Tasting Notes

Nose: opens with a combination of thick, oily, sweet acetone, and lots of stone fruit. Salted apricot and fresh green apple evolve into a massive hit of pear drops. Finish on some pencil shavings and an earthy, truffle-like note. Further nosing after letting it stands releases an overripe tropical fruit salad, from pineapple and mango to papaya and passionfruit.

Palate: Fresh, grassy and earthy sugarcane flavour, akin to a young agricole. The fruitiness persists, particularly the pear and apricot, and some raspberry white chocolate notes emerge. There’s also a little bitterness to balance the sweeter flavours.

Finish: very little alcohol burn for the ABV, the acetone from the nose makes a reappearance, the earthiness keeps on going. Ends on a note of vanilla and nutmeg.

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