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A Taste of Cornwall Miniature Gift Pack (3 x 5cl bottle)

Three of our award-winning gins each bringing their own unique Cornish flavour experience together in one great gift pack.

What better way to enjoy a taste of The Wrecking Coast Distillery and all the best that Cornwall has to offer.

Clotted Cream Gin (5cl)

The softness of the Cornish clotted cream adds a smoothness to our gin providing a rich mouth feel so we encourage you to try it neat as a sipping drink, over ice if you wish, or add your favourite tonic and garnish (we love fresh, sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint). Experiment with cocktails and you will find endless ways to enjoy.
Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

Honey Sloe Gin (5cl)

Enjoy neat, sipped on a winter’s walk from a hip flask, with prosecco as a Cornish Kir Royale for celebrations, as a hot toddy with orange, honey and clove on cold evenings or brighten up a summer Spritz for a real berry blast. Enjoy!
Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

Cornerstone Rare Cornish Gin for Chef Tom Brown (5cl)

For the opening of his restaurant, Cornerstone, Chef Tom Brown commissioned The Wrecking Coast Distillery to create a distinct gin exclusively for his guests that would match his exacting standards.

Now this unique gin is available for all to enjoy.
Enjoy over ice with a good tonic and a slice of fresh green apple or try with a ginger ale and apple slice as an alternative.

Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

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