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A Taste of Cornwall Miniature Gift Pack (3 x 5cl bottle)

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Our current seasonal collection of three premium Cornish spirits each bringing their own unique flavour experience together in one great tasting gift pack.

What better way to enjoy a taste of The Wrecking Coast Distillery and all the best that Cornwall has to offer.

Clotted Cream Gin (5cl)

The softness of the Cornish clotted cream adds a smoothness to our gin providing a rich mouth feel so we encourage you to try it neat as a sipping drink, over ice if you wish, or add your favourite tonic and garnish (we love fresh, sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint). Experiment with cocktails and you will find endless ways to enjoy.
Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

Honey Sloe Gin (5cl)

Enjoy neat, sipped on a winter’s walk from a hip flask, with prosecco as a Cornish Kir Royale for celebrations, as a hot toddy with orange, honey and clove on cold evenings or brighten up a summer Spritz for a real berry blast. Enjoy!
Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

Kea Plum Rum Liqueur (5cl)

Cornwall is home to a host of unique produce, include Kea – pronounced ‘kee’ – plums. These dark-skinned, light-fleshed fruit are only found in the parish of Kea, near Truro, and are a little sharp to eat on their own, but when steeped in unaged rum and blended with orange, ginger, spices and a touch of sugar, they make a delicious liqueur.

Rich, sticky and packed with flavour, but without getting too sweet – the sugar balances out the tartness of the fruit, making it pop even more. Excellent chilled, sipped over ice, or as a fruity sweetener in a cocktail.

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