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Honey Sloe Gin Liqueur

Everyone has their own recipe for sloe gin, but this one’s ours, and it’s a sweet and spicy combination of gin, sloes, spice and honey. We start out with a specially made gin that’s packed with citrus and spicy juniper, before adding the sloes and spice, and leaving everyone to get to know each other – a process that takes at least three months. A month before bottling, we start gradually adding sweetness, using honey to amplify the fruitiness of the sloes without hiding their tart character.

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Tasting Notes

Far from your average sloe gin, with the honey and spice providing a rich and complex backbone for the sweet and sour berry notes of the sloes. Equally at home in a hipflask on a cold day or served in an icy spritz at the height of summer – whenever you need spicy and fruity berries, our Honey Sloe Gin has you covered.


Spiced berry compote: cherries and plums with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. Sticky red berries dominate, but they’re not quite powerful enough to hide the piney and citrusy gin or its gentle earthiness.


Thick and rich with a balanced sweet and sour berry character. A spiced-honey backdrop is painted over with layers of cherries, plums, and tart berries, with hints of cherry menthol and dark chocolate developing as it sits in the glass.


Sticky cherry and a hint of menthol fade to leave lingering pine.

Perfect Serve: ‘BLOODY’ HONEY SLOE


50ml Honey Sloe Gin

Sliced fresh Blood Orange


Build over ice in the glass, add blood Orange slice as garnish.


Low ball


Tomáš Čistÿ – Wrecking Coast Brand Ambassador

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Playa 12 Hay Hill

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The Story

A brief introduction to The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Inside the shed

Avian Sandercock

Minder of the stills, conductor of experiments, flavour obsessive and chief geek. If you have drunk anything made by Wrecking Coast, you have Avian to thank for pressing the buttons, pulling the levers, shovelling ingredients, and probably for putting it in the bottle.

Outside the shed

Craig Penn

Head salesman, arbiter of design, one-man online team and chief taste-tester. If you have held a bottle from Wrecking Coast in your hands, then you have Craig to thank for both how it looks and for extracting it from the Cornish countryside and getting it to you.

In the beginning...

Buddies Avian and Craig have dabbled in drinks for years, although from the drinking side of the bar. Having lost his taste for beer, Craig turned to spirits.

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