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Clotted Cream Gin 70cl

The Wrecking Coast’s flagship gin, first distilled under a bakery in Tintagel. Its recipe is pepped up with a less common ingredient that’s one of Cornwall’s largest and most popular exports – clotted cream – cold distilled and combined with 12 traditional gin botanicals. The gin is not flavoured by the clotted cream, but it instead helps to amplify the botanicals and creates the rich texture of the spirit. The result is rich, oily and packed with ginny flavour.

Bottle Sizes

70cl, 35cl, 5cl




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Tasting Notes

A rich gin that makes a spicy, citrus-forward Martini, or a classic gin & tonic. A gin shaped by clotted cream, not flavoured by it.


Spicy and piney, with lots of juniper to start. There’s a touch of creamy butter in the background, with leafy pine needles joined by sweet liquorice, candied lemons and a soft floral grassiness.


Sweet and spicy – spiced cake batter, rich with butter and freshly mixed. A squeeze of lemon cuts through the richness, followed by green leaves and a burst of peppery tarragon. Crunchy browning leaves and brown sugar round things out.


Green leaves and piney juniper fade to leave soft spice.

Perfect Serve: Classic


50ml Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin

A Light Premium Tonic Water


Ice in the glass (after the strawberries), pour Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin followed by the light premium tonic water.


Collins glass


Sliced fresh strawberries, muddled in glass first, and a fresh sprig of mint for a little added natural sweetness.


Tomáš Čistÿ – Wrecking Coast Brand Ambassador

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