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The People

Inside the shed – Avian Sandercock

Minder of the stills, conductor of experiments, flavour obsessive and chief geek. If you have drunk anything made by Wrecking Coast, you have Avian to thank for pressing the buttons, pulling the levers, shovelling ingredients, and probably for putting it in the bottle. He’s the one who’s slaved over a hot still to create the recipes for Wrecking Coast’s spirits, and he continues to tinker with them, in search of the next tasty thing.

Outside the shed – Craig Penn

Head salesman, arbiter of design, one-man online team and chief taste-tester. If you have held a bottle from Wrecking Coast in your hands, then you have Craig to thank for both how it looks and for extracting it from the Cornish countryside and getting it to you. When you drop the team a line or ping them a message on Facebook or anywhere else online, it’s Craig who’s behind the keyboard making sure you get the information you need.

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