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Rye Whiskey Sherry-Cask Finish 8 Years Old

The starting point – we were looking for a rye that had the flavours we wanted to make to give us a benchmark to start from. After a long search we settled on this modern take on rye whiskey, very different from the American ryes we were more familiar with, but still with classic rye spice at its core. This whiskey balances sweetness and spice, and layers in fruitiness from the spirit, as well as some extra depth from its time finishing in sherry casks. It’s the perfect inspiration for our own whiskey and a base for our ongoing experiments.

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Tasting Notes


Salted butter and bramble jam lead, with sweet and sour fruit accompanied by a touch of lightly toasted rye bread. Honey peeks around the sharp berries, along with leafy and spicy rye notes: cinnamon, tarragon and a hint of spearmint. The butter returns with salted caramel and gentle spice.


The berries take centre stage with blackberries and blackcurrants – and their leaves – all sprinkled with brown sugar. Hints of anise build into black liquorice sticks with a touch of mint choc chip and damp oak. Rich earthy notes sit underneath, balanced by fruity dark chocolate, and sweet and sharp berries.


Treacle toffee, black liquorice and blackcurrants fade to leave leafy notes.

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