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Innovating the process


Traditional thinking leads most distillers to either a variation of the ancient alembic still or a modified European fruit still.

We wanted to bring the process of creating our gin into the 21st Century.

To achieve this, we conducted a huge amount of research to see how we could adopt technology that would take care of the main process so we could put all of our effort into developing our unique gin.

The time we invested paid dividends. We discovered iStill, a Dutch company based in Woerden, Holland – the birthplace of gin and we immediately realised this was the perfect fit.

Their technology suited exactly what we wanted to achieve, and their depth of knowledge and passion for distilling was only matched by their boundless enthusiasm.

With iStill on board, we could allow the technology to play its part and realise our vision for our Distillery.

As our recipes developed so did the need for our innovation as we constantly looked at ways of creating the spirits we love.

Our innovation leads us not only to the highly technical but also to bespoke equipment that needs a hands on approach.

Sitting alongside our range of latest still technology are our glass vacuum stills, blown in the UK to our own specification.

This unique approach of bringing together these two techniques – one derived from modern technology, the other from handcrafting, allows us to provide you with a truly distinct gin.

The Wrecking Coast Collection

Proud to share our collection of award winning, unique, premium spirits all created for a specific drinking experience for you to enjoy.

Born in Tintagel. Born To Be Enjoyed.

Clotted Cream

Fresh Cornish clotted cream, cold distilled under vacuum is combined with our own 12 botanical gin to give you a three dimensional flavour profile.

Scurvy Gin
Navy Strength

9 botanicals including fresh lemon and lime peel and locally foraged fresh scurvy grass creates a robust, juniper led gin with bold citrus notes, hints of liquorice and peppery heat from the scurvy grass.

Honey Sloe
Gin Liqueur

We start by making a simple but flavoursome gin with plenty of juniper, add sloes and a subtle recipe of orange and lemon zest, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg then allow to gently steep for at least three months.

Cornerstone Rare
Cornish Gin

Berry and Applesauce sweetness with spice hints and a citrus balance. We distill with fresh pressed apple juice from Polgoon and locally foraged Rowen Berry and Rosehip.


Help The Wrecking Coast Distillery raise £4,000
Cornwall Air Ambulance flies more than 800 lifesaving missions each year and as a charity, they rely on your donations to fund this vital work.

So help now and choose Heli-Gin as your next G&T
Designed to be enjoyed with a good Indian tonic water, plenty of ice and garnished with orange or lemon Heli-Gin is zesty and refreshing

Kea Plum Rum Liqueur

Kea plums (pronounced ki) are small, damson like plums with dark skins and greenish white flesh, found only in a single creek valley in the Parishes of Kea and Coombe near Falmouth in Cornwall.