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Living in the 21st Century

Traditional thinking leads most distillers to either a variation of the ancient alembic still or a modified European fruit still.

We wanted to bring the process of creating our gin into the 21st Century.

To achieve this, we conducted a huge amount of research to see how we could adopt technology that would take care of the main process so we could put all of our effort into developing our unique gin.

The time we invested paid dividends. We discovered iStill, a Dutch company run by Odin, the genius behind their computer-controlled stills, and travelled to Woerden in Holland - the birthplace of gin, to meet him. We immediately realised, this was the perfect fit.

His technology suited exactly what we wanted to achieve, and his depth of knowledge and passion for distilling was only matched by his boundless enthusiasm.

With iStill on board, we could allow the technology to play its part and realise our vision for a smooth, velvety-rich gin built around clotted cream.

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Bringing It Together

For the body of the gin, we use 12 botanicals and rest them for at least 14 days in grain spirit. The liquor is then transferred to our iStill to produce our own gin. Once run through our still, it is rested for at least another 7 days to allow all the flavours to stabilise.

With the gin resting, we need to handcraft our central ingredient, clotted cream, to achieve the distinct flavour. After months of testing, we found a solution by using a hand blown glass vacuum still to our own specification to distil the neutral spirit and fresh clotted cream mix at below room temperature, creating a crystal-clear spirit that retains the flavours of the clotted cream together with its rich, velvety feel in the mouth.

Once our gin has rested, we add the handcrafted clotted cream spirit and dilute with Cornish Natural Spring Water to produce a velvety smooth spirit at around 44% before bottling.

This unique approach of bringing together these two techniques - one derived from modern technology, the other from handcrafting, allows us to provide you with a truly distinct gin.

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