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Kea Plum Rum Liqueur

Best Served

Serve neat as a liqueur, over ice or mix with sparkling wine or soda for a refreshing spritz. Works wonders when paired with a Ginger Ale and garnished with lemon and berries.

Tasting Notes

Kea plums (pronounced ki) are small, damson like plums with dark skins and greenish white flesh, found only in a single creek valley in the Parishes of Kea and Coombe near Falmouth in Cornwall.

We rest these freshly foraged Kea plums in white rum for at least two months adding a little orange, ginger, spice and a touch of sugar for sweetness just before bottling.

The white rum carries the natural sharpness of the Kea plums that is finely balanced with the citrus and warmth of ginger delivering deep, jammy flavours with a sherbet finish.


In the 17th century, fruits were often mixed with rum to produce a fruity liqueur called a Shrub. This preserving of the fruit allowed people to enjoy the flavours through the winter whilst other tales tell of smugglers slipping barrels of rum into the sea to evade the Customs men and then using fruit and sugar to mask the saltiness.

We have revitalised this tradition by bringing together this rare fruit and the old Cornish tradition to create our Kea Plum Rum.

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