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Kea Plum Rum Liqueur

Cornwall is home to a host of unique produce, include Kea – pronounced ‘kee’ – plums. These dark-skinned, light-fleshed fruit are only found in the parish of Kea, near Truro, and are a little sharp to eat on their own, but when steeped in unaged rum and blended with orange, ginger, spices and a touch of sugar, they make a delicious liqueur.


In the 17th century, fruits were often mixed with rum to produce a fruity liqueur called a Shrub. This preserving of the fruit allowed people to enjoy the flavours through the winter whilst other tales tell of smugglers slipping barrels of rum into the sea to evade the Customs men and then using fruit and sugar to mask the saltiness.

We have revitalised this tradition by bringing together this rare fruit and the old Cornish tradition to create our Kea Plum Rum.

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Tasting Notes

Rich, sticky and packed with flavour, but without getting too sweet – the sugar balances out the tartness of the fruit, making it pop even more. Excellent chilled, sipped over ice, or as a fruity sweetener in a cocktail.


Sweet and sticky, with stewed and fresh damsons and plums joined by gingerbread and cherry. Cinnamon spice slowly develops as the liqueur sits in the glass, building into lightly spiced fruit sponge cake, served with a generous spoon of cherry jam.


Layers of rich berries and cherries: plums and damsons, raspberry and blackcurrant, and sticky, dark, maraschino cherries. Dark chocolate notes sit at the heart, bolstered by spiced, candied orange.


Spiced orange chocolate, plum jam and maraschino cherries linger, along with a touch of dark chocolate bitterness.

Perfect Serve: Classic


60ml Kea Plum Rum Liqueur

20ml fresh lemon juice

10ml Sugar Syrup (Vanilla Syrup would be your best option)

Whole egg

Fresh plum, sliced


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, add the egg last, and dry shake so no ice at this point.

Then add ice and shake again.

Strain and serve then add garnish of sliced plums.


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