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A special gin made with helicopters in mind – both the life savers of the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the more green and floaty variety: the twirling seeds (leaves) of the sycamore tree. The gin’s botanicals are a balance of spicy and citrusy, with sycamore bark adding a dark and earthy dimension to the mix. Every bottle is not only full of tasty gin, but also includes a donation to the Cornish Air Ambulance, helping them fly more than 800 missions a year.

Registered Charity No. 1133295
Company No. 07085879

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Tasting Notes

A herbal and grassy gin that balances out the sweetness of tonic water to create a leafy, spicy and complex G&T, and all for an excellent cause.


Earthy and woody, with freshly crushed juniper – just before it bursts into citrus freshness – joined by forest floor earthiness. Citrus slowly builds: spiced orange and bright, zesty lemons. Finally, the juniper reappears, hovering above with gentle pine and peppery spice.


Dark, rich and earthy juniper notes are lightened by flashes of bright citrus – lemon zest and expressed orange peel. Green and leafy hints are balanced by woody notes as black pepper and juniper spice grow.


Citrus pith and peel linger, dusted with sweet spice.

bottle of gin
bottle of gin

Perfect Serve: Classic


50ml Wrecking Coast Heli-Gin

Premium Indian Tonic Water


Add ice to the glass and pour Wrecking Coast Heli-Gin and Premium Indian Tonic Water.


Balloon glass


Slices of lemon and lime

Juniper berries optional


Tomáš Čistÿ – Wrecking Coast Brand Ambassador

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Playa 12 Hay Hill

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The Story

A brief introduction to The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Inside the shed

Avian Sandercock

Minder of the stills, conductor of experiments, flavour obsessive and chief geek. If you have drunk anything made by Wrecking Coast, you have Avian to thank for pressing the buttons, pulling the levers, shovelling ingredients, and probably for putting it in the bottle.

Outside the shed

Craig Penn

Head salesman, arbiter of design, one-man online team and chief taste-tester. If you have held a bottle from Wrecking Coast in your hands, then you have Craig to thank for both how it looks and for extracting it from the Cornish countryside and getting it to you.

In the beginning...

Buddies Avian and Craig have dabbled in drinks for years, although from the drinking side of the bar. Having lost his taste for beer, Craig turned to spirits.

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