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Scurvy Gin Navy Strength

Not just a punchier version of our other gins, The Wrecking Coast’s Scurvy Cornish Navy Strength gin is designed from the ground up to be a big spirit. Its nine-botanical recipe includes locally foraged Scurvy grass, a vitamin-C-packed herb that got its name thanks to its use on ships (and on land) to fight scurvy. Fortunately, it’s not only good against scurvy, but also has a great citrusy, peppery taste, that adds a unique bite to this flavoursome gin.

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Tasting Notes

Packed with flavour and easily a match with the most heavily flavoured of tonics – we’d recommend something traditional to pair with the citrus and spice. It also makes a great negroni, cutting through Campari’s sticky bittersweetness with no trouble.


Sweet citrus up front – candied lemon and spicy juniper – with crushed leaves and cut grass to follow. Lemon boiled sweets develop along with peppery spice and citrus peel: tangerine and lime. It’s all backed up by a gentle candy-floss sweetness.


Thick, rich and oily, with stewed lemons and peppery grass clippings to start. Sour citrus notes build, balanced by sweet spice and green leaves. Bitter leafy notes are likewise balanced by candied citrus and more sweet spice.


Lingering citrus peel and black pepper fade to citrus-forward, freshly cracked black pepper and lemon zest.



55ml Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin Navy Strength

10ml Dry Vermouth

10ml Pickled Onion brine


Add ice to a mixing vessel (or large glass) then pour all of the ingredients, stirring all together for at least 60 seconds. Then strain into the chilled Martini Glass and garnish with pickled onions.


Martini Glass (chilled)


Pickled onions


Tomáš Čistÿ – Wrecking Coast Brand Ambassador

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