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Elderberry Porth

Tim Maddams

From River Cottage to The Wrecking Coast, dedicated wild forager, foodie and aspiring drinks creator, Tim Maddams had developed a delicious take on a classic Port but wanted to incorporate elderberries and local wine. Having worked closely with Polgoon Vineyard, he then contacted us to help develop this exciting idea.

Polgoon Vineyards supplied the wine, we turned some of that Cornish wine into brandy to fortify the drink and elderberries were brought in with help from our local forager. After trials to get the flavours spot on, Elderberry Porth was born!

It’s been great fun to help bring this idea to life and shows what can be achieved by the collaboration of like minded folk in the West Country!

2022 is the first year of commercial production, with only a very limited number of bottles available. We are excited to see the future… ‘Porth’ is soon to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

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Tasting Notes

Direct from Tim Maddams

This small batch ‘Porth’ ticks all the boxes; not only does it have a deep flavour rich in elderberry but is produced using local wine and the spirit distilled from it. With an excellent rich and complex flavour, oodles of sweetness balanced by the punch of raw brandy spirit – vibrant is the word!


Deep, rich, and alluring, acres of fruit and warmth


Smooth and defined, sweet red berries melt into brandy. Hints of spice and the unique mystery of elder.


Rounded and pleasing with a breath of spice and a desire for more!

The Story

A brief introduction to The Wrecking Coast Distillery

Inside the shed

Avian Sandercock

Minder of the stills, conductor of experiments, flavour obsessive and chief geek. If you have drunk anything made by Wrecking Coast, you have Avian to thank for pressing the buttons, pulling the levers, shovelling ingredients, and probably for putting it in the bottle.

Outside the shed

Craig Penn

Head salesman, arbiter of design, one-man online team and chief taste-tester. If you have held a bottle from Wrecking Coast in your hands, then you have Craig to thank for both how it looks and for extracting it from the Cornish countryside and getting it to you.

In the beginning...

Buddies Avian and Craig have dabbled in drinks for years, although from the drinking side of the bar. Having lost his taste for beer, Craig turned to spirits.

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