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Why did we start our particular journey into the world of craft distilling?

Simple really, it was born out of a desire to drink a gin that suited our taste. A gin we could enjoy with friends and be proud to say, “We made that!”

We had an idea of our gin providing a luxurious feel that’s smooth on the palette. From the outset, we thought the icon of Cornwall, clotted cream, could provide the answer.

However, taking an existing recipe and adding an unusual ingredient did not deliver the flavour profile we were looking to achieve. So we applied a unique approach by building our gin around the clotted cream.

Using cutting-edge still equipment and a hands-on approach, this unique process is focused around the detail of every element of our gin-making process.

It’s the attention to small details that makes the big difference in the distinctive taste of our Wrecking Coast Gin.

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From the outset, we wanted to include the icon of Cornwall: clotted cream. In our minds, this would provide a luxurious feel, the smoothness and a subtle hint of vanilla notes.

We now had to find a way to make our idea of a ‘clotted cream gin’ a reality. It began by trialling a pure cream spirit that would capture and retain that velvety richness. To achieve this we needed to understand the production of clotted cream itself.

In the production of clotted cream, the cream is baked in its pot giving it that iconic golden crust with a smooth, firm cream beneath. But when heated, the cream separates and the flavours become more caramel than cream.

So we made a hand blown glass vacuum still to our own specification to distil the neutral spirit and fresh clotted cream mix at below room temperature. This created a crystal-clear spirit that retains the flavours of the clotted cream together with its rich, velvety feel in the mouth.

The knowledge and craft involved in this hands-on process means we can only make very small quantities at a time. However, it is these small details that make the big difference to our gin.

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